We believe God loves and has a plan for every single person. Even you. Elevation is the youth ministry of Frontline Church, Liverpool. We are passionate about seeing young people discover the fullness of life Jesus came to bring. We refuse to accept that this is a lost generation but believe if the youth of our city live for God then they could be an unstoppable generation.


For more information on Frontline Church check out www.frontline.org.uk


We believe no one should be the odd one out; that people work better together. That is why we have youth communities. These are groups of young people who meet in different places at different times across the city. We want to have loads of different youth communities so that there is a place for everyone to belong; whoever you are, whatever you have done or not done, seen or not seen! The word the Bible uses for this is Oikos…


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Imagine a generation of girls who are FREE from self doubt. FREE from image issues. FREE from conformity. Who know their true identity. Who are chasing their real purpose. Who are daughters of God: for that is what they are.

BE is the conference for girls aged 11-18 and their leaders to discover what it really means to be set FREE by and for Jesus.

Our guest speaker is Pastor ANDI ANDREW who is flying in from Liberty Church NYC especially for BE16


One of the highlights of BE was the incredible dance performed to ‘Fight Song’. This was created exclusively for the Be conference. Check it out…

If you missed last year’s Be conference; here are the talks you could listen to.

Friday Evening; Tasha Pettman
Saturday Morning; Rachel Gardner
Saturday Evening; Rachel Gardner
Afternoon Seminar; Zoe Abernethy


Every year we go on two residential trips. One in the winter and one in the summer. This summer we are headed to Rocknations Youth Conference. It really was by far the best youth conference that we have been to. The teaching is world class, the worship is world class and ithe fun is world class. We really hope you can come!

It is held in Life Church, Bradford. Rather than camping we stay in a hotel!

The cost is £130 before the end of March going up to £160 after that.  Check out the promo video to give you a taste of the fun!




Roadtrip 2014




There has always been pressure on girls, but since the invention of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and the other social media sites that are starting almost daily; that pressure has increased. As the Church we know what (who) our hope comes from. We want to gather church leaders / youth leaders to ask the question; what does that hope look like for teenage girls in 2016?

We would also like to share one idea to start changing the culture called ‘BE Conference’. As the church/youth leaders on the front line we would like your thoughts and ideas to help shape ‘Be’ into a resource that will bless you and your girls.

You are invited to come and join the conversation…  We are holding a number of breakfasts across the North West – check out the events below – find the one closest to you and come along! Also invite anyone else you feel would like to be part of #HOPEFORGIRLS.

Hope to see you soon!

The ‘Be’ Team!



Welcome to the Elevation website. Elevation Youth Ministry is the youth work of Frontline Church, Liverpool. We operate under the authority and direction of Frontline Church!
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